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People are not numbers; they are no statistics

People are not numbers; they are no statistics

12 persons were killed on Sunday June 13, 2021 by Fulani herdsmen in Kushe community in Kuru District of Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State.

The killing took place at about 9:30pm when the herdsmen storm the community and shot on the people sporadically.

The District Head and Gwom Rwey Kuru, Da Patrick Mandung confirmed the incident at the scene and said his people were attack without any form of provocation.

“I don’t know why people will come from different places to come and kill people and just go” He said.

Here are the names of the victims.

1). Mr. Darap Ayuba Rap(aka Faa)

.2). Mr. Stephen Ayuba Rap (Younger brother to number 1)

.3). Mr. Ibrahim Monday Dong(aka IBB).

4. Mr. Feng Gyang Dalong.

5. Mr. Davou Matthew.

6. Mrs Naomi Samuel Mwankon.

7. Miss Kaneng Dung.

8. Mr. Davou Pam.

9. James Fom( aka Gang-Loh. Resident of Kuru from Rim)

10. Mr. Gyang Juma.

11. Mr. David Dalyop( Resident of Kuru from Rim)

12. Chigwuze Emmanuel Paul (Resident of Kuru)

People are not numbers. They are not statistics.

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