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Bondon Massacre: Seven years later, the communities still seek justice

Bondon Massacre: Seven years later, the communities still seek justice

Seven years after the three Southern Kaduna Christian villages of Ugwar Sankwai, Ungwar Gata and Chenshyi all in Bondon district of Mor’oa Chiefdom in Kaura local government area of Kaduna state were attacked and over 100 villagers killed in one night, the people are yet to return to their villages.

Pictures taken from the villages three days ago showed a deserted area with no human inhabitants but shrubs and birds.

Nehemiah Yohanna, a community leader spoke on the incident and the current situation; “Honestly the shock from the 2014 genocide in Kaura local government, Bondon to be precised was really horrible for those who witnessed it. Many homes that were destroyed during that attack are still unbuilt, a lit of former residents cannot return for fear of being attacked again.

There is a village called Ungwan Kura, and Tekum, they are still living in fear because they’re located at the boundary between plateau and Kaduna states. The Kaura divisional headquarters of the Nigerian police force has no police outpost in the area so we have no hope of making distress calls if anything happens.” Nehemiah Yohanna said.

Habila Adamu, another member of the community who witnessed the attack of 2014 recalled; “We can not forget that day in a hurry, it was a day of death and destruction on Bondon, we saw and gathered dead bodies like we were gathering firewood. Children were butchered, some bodies were even decomposing in the bushes before we found them. In all of these the government didn’t do much, that is why the villages are still desolate because no measures have been put in place for the safe return of the people.”

We call on the state government, to thoroughly investigate the murders and bring perpetrators to justice and to fulfil its commitment to protecting the lives and property of the entire people of the state. If indeed true peace is the presence of justice, then Bondon and the entire Kaura local government have not experienced it in the last seven years because justice has been denied

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